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Family 2014
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Our family loves to travel and if we have to sell most of our earthly goods to enjoy a good adventure... we will!  The first sabbatical our family took was in 2002 to France.  We had a WONDERFUL time and met great friends and and enjoyed an experience of a lifetime. Bringing our 3 kids and having them enjoy French schools and culture was the best. Travelling around Europe was icing on the cake.

Now that our boys are older (not us.. just the boys) Austen and Tanner are in college but will join us for at least 5 weeks here in Australia.  Austen will then go to Europe for 6 months to have his own adventure studying art and culture while doing an exchange program in Utrecht, NE. 

I enjoy writing about our experiences and just can't seem to keep them to myself.  I'm like this in person too.....  always have a good story and they come in handy for my husband when he has insomnia;)