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Family 2014
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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

2009 in review

Hey all,

Just a brief summary where our little family is in 2009....

Austen is a sophomore at the University of Wyoming and is majoring in Art. He's a hoot and fun to have around! He looks forward to going snowboarding as much as possible when he's not working or in school.

Tanner is a senior in high school and plans on going to UW in the fall. He's taking his first UW class this spring and is thinking about Communications/Journalism major. Loves tennis, snowboarding and is still playing soccer:) He's still a sweet boy (even to his parents!)

Cullen is in the 8th grade and is almost as tall as me!!! He loves skiing, tennis and hanging out with his friends and the new Wii. He's very entertaining and keeps me on track around here.

I still love my fused glass art and also tennis. I'm looking forward to learning more about enameling / metalsmithing in 2010. I also want to design some tennis apparel:)  

David loves his job here because he can walk to work everyday and can ski before work if he likes.... He accomplished a big milestone this year.... He is now Full Professor! We are very proud of him and all of his hard work.

We are organizing a new sabbatical adventure. We'll be headed to Springwood, New South Wales, Australia located about 30 miles west of Sydney. We're planning on enjoying our amazing Laramie summer full of friends and tennis and then heading to Australia in September. We'll come back to Laramie in May 2011. We're a little sad to miss out on a winter, but really happy to have a year with 2 summers... more beach time and tennis sounds fun.

Everyone in the family will be writing stuff and putting up pics, so keep coming back and share you lives with us too.