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Family 2014
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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Loving Australia!

We arrived in Sydney/Springwood and are loving it so far. We arrived at 6am after trying to sleep on the plane... (not) but we were so excited to see everything we pretended we weren't tired.   We had our bank account opened, the keys to our new house, walked around cute downtown Springwood and checked out the Springwood tennis courts by 2pm. It was great!

It's colder here than we thought so we looked for some jeans for Cullen and they were $100 so we told him to suffer another day... poor guy. We all took a nap about 2pm and then David and I got up around 5pm and we went groc shopping, made dinner with our hosts and the whole time couldn't get Cullen up... he was OUT!!! He woke up about 7am with us and we had a nice big breakfast on Turkish bread (we discovered we love that).
Today we'll be buying mattresses and a few more items so we can move into our house. It has lots of rooms and 2 fireplaces and a nice view of the bush behind our house. We're also going to check out Winmalee High School for Cullen and go see some kargaroos that live in a park near our house. We'll take pics for you guys. Cullen is looking for birds but since it's still winter they're just starting to come out. He saw a white bird and a few other interesting ones we're trying to find in a bird book.
It feels like Europe here though, like France but they drive the wrong way and the people are so funny! They love to chat and talk and some cute little lady told us yesterday she was ran over the other day by the same big truck... twice! They're super duper nice here and just like American cousins:)

Springwood downtown is about 3 blocks long and has everything we'll need right there in walking distance. Coffee shops, about 4 bread shops, discount stores and newspaper stores, post office and the train station that takes us to downtown Sydney for $2.50 per person on Sundays. We heard you can see the whales from the harbor in Sydney, so we really want to do that on Sunday... and shop at Ikea.

Saturday will be our garage sale day to get dishes and a washer etc. Can't wait for an Australian garage sale!

More to come!