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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Catch up blog day

Catch up blog day....
We've been having fun entertaining guests since December. We've had a great time showing our family visitors around various areas of our state... New South Wales. We had over a month with our kids and now they're back into their school work in Wyoming and Austen in the Netherlands. They're doing awesome.

In January we enjoyed showing David's mom around for 3 weeks. She really got to "live" here and enjoy being a resident and got to see many beaches, mountain views and lots of birds from our deck. She was here during the hottest days of summer but loved the heat (she's a true Texan and loves the warm climate and the beaches). She's such a great mother and grandmother... it was nice to be able to treat her to a well deserved vacation.

In February my parents and sister were able to come for a fun visit and we were able to take them to some new areas about 3 hours north of Sydney along the beach. We found new beaches, visited the tallest tree in New South Wales and drove through gorgeous rock carved roads through national forests. My sister loved the animals of course... and they all were drawn to her because she just has that way with animals. Here are a few kangaroo videos.  They are so sweet and see the babies! (not a wild kangaroo... but at Featherdale Wildlife Park where we saw hundreds of native animals in a gorgeous setting). 

Susan and I also got to play some tennis a few times and she was asked to be a sub for a team match ... they all had a good time with her.

It was awesome to have them all here with us... My parents are always taking care of the kids/grandkids (and love every minute) but it was nice to see them walking on the beach and spending time with them along with my sister, David and Cullen. 

John and Lily are visiting us now for just 5 days, so we're exploring familiar locations, but new places. We took a ferry to a new bay and found a very old Belgium Beer garden in the oldest part of Sydney and checked out the old Customs House that is now the New South Wales library.  It was so cool and we're going back to spend more time in that amazing library.  Yesterday we took some nice hikes in the Blue Mountains. We're heading to the beach on Saturday if the weather holds up for us.

Our kids are doing awesome. Tanner is kicking butt in his classes at UW (molecular biology) and he's enjoying all of the intramural sports he can and playing winter soccer. Austen is loving the Netherlands and we hope to be sharing some of his amazing art and videos soon (he's also got a blog that he'll be updating). Cullen's school is great and he's having fun with his friends here and keeping in touch with friends from home.  He's starting his swimming training and he's looking forward to getting past the first 2 weeks and get on a schedule.

Today is St Patrick's Day here in Australia, so we're having corned beef with potatoes and cabbage for dinner with white irish soda bread.  Smells good so hopefully it will tast good.  The recipe is a simple one from my favorite recipe site...

Stay safe and keep the prayers going for Japan!

PS - We hear the possums playing and running and jumping from trees to at times during the night, but we don't have them living in our ceiling anymore. Yay Possum Man!!!!