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Family 2014
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Saturday, July 10, 2010

Sabbatical cleansing....

Sabbatical is great for lots of reasons but I always like the "simplifying" and cleaning out process.  Not just our closets and junk, but streamlining everything and making life simple again.  We're prepared to rent an unfurnished house in Australia because it's very difficult to find a furnished one.  2 bedroom houses are hard to find and apartments don't really exist in this area, so we'll probably rent a 3 or 4 bedroom house... plenty of room for visitors!  We're also prepared to furnish the house with fun garage sale items and possibly reclining in the evening on lawn furniture in the living area and not having a TV.  We don't need much so it will be really fun to live light for a while!! (Everyone in the family gets 1 plate, bowl, cup etc and washes it out every night... sounds great to me!!! ha)

Now that we have our house rented and most major items figured out, we can start looking and thinking about Cullen and the new things he can enjoy in Australia.... maybe sailing lessons?  For sure tennis and soccer, but maybe we'll add something totally different.

back to work....