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Family 2014
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Monday, April 4, 2011

Life is good....

Having a fun time just living our lives here in the southern hemisphere ... 2 months to go so trying to make  the most of it. 

Mostly our life is enjoying the birds and animals and looking for fun whenever we can fit it in.  Cullen enjoys school, but his last day is this Friday.  They are finishing up Term 1 and we'll be travelling and preparing to get back home, so he'll be working on his online Geometry.  My schedule includes lots of work (the online consulting stuff), women's tennis league on Wed nights and mixed league on Thurs nights.  David and I have enjoyed our tennis friends and playing regularly in a league.   Playing outside, in the rain, at night, when it's hot, with the insects must most of the time with beautiful pink/orange sunsets above, black and white cockatoos, owls and perfect temperature.... all of it is super cool. 

We're getting ready to sell everything we bought and then house/cat sitting for friends in between our last travels.  Getting ready for the "living out of a suitcase" phase again.  It's great that we know how to do that easily and don't need too much stuff with us.  Can't wait to get home and have more garage sales:)  Makes me realize how much we have at home that we sure don't need!

I'm pretty far behind in blogging about so many experiences, but to share some of our last week with you... here's some pics. 

I love these courts and the relaxed atmosphere. 

Winmalee courts - Saturday league

Women's tennis at sunset... always birds flying above.

You can't tell, but the eucalyptus trees glow within the lights at night. 

David and men's tennis.
Family friendly community courts:)

Springwood Foundation Day... right in our little town.

Funny creature Cullen and I saw at the Sydney's Wildlife Park... hope to see one in the wild!
Cullen is excited to get back to swimming and tennis in Laramie.  Fun summer ahead!

Australian Swimming Championship at Sydney's Olympic Park. 

Looking forward to a trip to the outback with sunsets and beautiful views and Cairns for a quick peek at the Great Barrier Reef before we head home.

PS - We think we heard a possum in the ceiling last night!  oh jeez!!!