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Family 2014
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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Manley beach adventure!

All 7 of us at the beach and what fun we had!  The weather was just perfect.... not too hot and not too cold.  Everyone wore their sunscreen so we didn't get sunburned.  We played on the beach and the kids enjoyed relaxing after working so hard on their finals and getting packed and getting on the plane exhausted!! 

Here's some pics of our day at Manley beach starting with the ferry ride and ending with chinese dumplings in Sydney..... yum!!

Cullen's last day of school is today... Wed so he's excited for (another) summer vacation. This one is only 6 weeks but it will give him some time with his brothers.
The college kids went hiking at Katoomba yesterday and said they got lots of great pics so I'll put some of those up.  Katoomba is in the Blue Mountains just about 30 minutes from where we live and is a big tourist destination because of the beautiful canyons, perfect temperature and great hikes and waterfalls. 

Other news.....  Oprah has been in Australia for 1 week with 300 guests and yesterday she filmed her final show at the Opera House in Sydney.  I think her Autralia show will air in January but it will a be a good way to see the Blue Mountains where we live, the white beach where we'll be at Christmas and also so much of Australia where we haven't been and probably won't be able to see.  Those of you coming to visit will be interested for sure!

Gotta go but enjoy the pics and miss you all!

Friday, December 10, 2010

Let the fun begin!

David is back and all 4 kids have arrived from the USA so summer is officially here!

It is great to relax with all the kids here after 6 months planning.  It's around 90 degrees F here but our house is nice and cool so we're getting over jet lag and watching a nice movie.  Our plan is to get up tomorrow and head to the beach on the train and just stay and hang out all day.

Here's some pics of the first 3 kids that arrived.  They got quick look at the beach but that was enough for the to know that they want to spend lots of days at the beach and can't wait to show Nikki tomorrow!

Hiking near our house... in the Blue Mountains

Dinner in the backyard enjoying our "Christmas Cracker" hats.

Relaxing after a long flight.  Nikki has arrived! 

Miss you all...

Sunday, December 5, 2010

David in Vietnam

David sent some pics from Veitnam and we just had to share them. He's having a good time there and is enjoying taking pics of people with his special zoom lens.

3 of the 4 kids are coming in 2 days!!!  Can't wait.. but we feel their stress as they're trying to do well on their finals, pack up their living quarters for a month leave (or more) and get packed... good thing is all we need here is a couple of shorts, couple of shirts, hat and sandals:)

Next blog....  Arrival of summer and kids!

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Christmas Spirit

Cullen has me in the Christmas Spirit.  It's hard to think about Christmas here in the middle of summer.  Hearing Christmas music "Dashing through the snow", "Frosty the Snowman"..   just doesn't seem right!  But we found a song we like.... "I'm dreaming of a White Christmas"...  at the whitest beach in the world per Guiness Book of World Records! 

We'll be there on Christmas Day!  We also heard there is lobster and prawn to be caught in this area... Jervis Bay.. so we'll try to maybe catch our own Christmas meal... yum!

We are thinking about making a "new" way for us to enjoy Christmas this year and with all this great weather... we've got lots of options!

Another discovery we had was how to make pumpkin pie with butternut squash using our friend David Ellsworth's modified recipe.  It's the best ever!

David made it safely to Vietnam last night and he'll be back a day after Nikki arrives so we'll all be here and waiting for him.  Cullen and I will be decorating for Christmas and working on our projects and then we will go play tennis in this perfect weather we're having today.

Miss you all!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

The kids are coming!

The kids are coming so we're preparing for them to arrive.... washing sheets and making sure they have room to relax when they get here.... hoping the weather is nice and sunny.

It appears we're here for a La Nina year and Australia has had more rain than they've had in over a decade!  Dams are full, rivers and lakes that have been bone dry for years have water and flowers are blooming like crazy!  We're wondering about the mozzies... (mosquitoes) but so far they're very minor. 

Cullen's school has been fun for him.  The kids are curious about him and treat him very well.  He's learning Japanese and likes ice skating on Wednesdays when all the kids get to pick a sport and take buses to explore an off campus sport.  The day the kids arrive, their entire grade will go to a movie and then go swimming!  He scored the highest math grade for placement in the 9th year classes.  He'll be also doing Geometry online for credit to keep him on track at LHS.  He REALLY wants a job so we created a resume for him and he's going to pass them around today after school.

David launched a project he's been working on so this week it's become "live" and he's relieved it's working as planned.  He's doing a great job and his associates here are so welcoming to our family. He's leaving for Vietnam on Saturday and will come home to all of us and an adventure in Sydney. 

I've been busy working on the UW database design for the Core Facilities and it's coming along great.  I'm learning so much about database design.   This project is about accounting but even more about establishing procedures for these labs as unique small businesses... so alot like what I've done for many years and I really like it!  It's nice that I can do this online so maybe I'll keep it going after this project is up and running.  David's lab will be the first to go live so we can test it thoroughly before applying it to the other Core Facilities.  Here are some pics of his new lab in the new Berry Center at UW.  It is amazing!  Having the lab users login to submit their samples and retrieve reports and invoices will make them more professional... that's the goal.

The boys have shared videos created by this cool group from Chicago... maybe you've seen them before, but sit back and watch these 2 videos.  I think Martha and John's dogs could be trained to perform in some of their videos:)  These are super fun!

Keep in touch everyone!  Back to work!