Family 2014

Family 2014
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Friday, December 26, 2014

2014 was awesome!

So much has happened this year!  We had our 25th wedding anniversary and we had 2 graduations and another coming up in May.  We are so thrilled that our kids, parents and family are happy and healthy!  We love our friends and enjoy them more and more every year.  Wyoming as a home base is perfect for our family.  We love our friends and enjoy being with our boys as much as possible. 

Instead of writing a blog, today we will share some photos that share some of our experiences in 2014. 

I have an art website that tells all about my studio adventures if you are interested.

David will be Botany Chair at UW for another 2 or 3 years then we are off to the next sabbatical but until then we are home base in Laramie so let us know if you are close.  We'd love to catch up!

We'd love to hear from our friends and it makes our day when we hear from you!

Happy New Year and live with intention for 2015!

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